Rock out your event planning biz!

Learn how to attract your ideal clients!

Learn how to earn more!

Learn how to be the negotiator!

My 6 Week Action Plan will help take you from where you are to where you want to be!

As an Event Planner, you love planning AMAZING events! This is what you were born to do! You love the glitz, glamor and show business feel of it all!

But then, after all of the hard work, you realize:


The ability to create memorable events is what you were born to do, but it should be more financially rewarding!


You aren’t comfortable charging more because you aren’t good at negotiating when it comes to your rates.


You realize you keep attracting the same clients with low to no budgets because you don’t know how to BRAND and MARKET your business correctly to reach your ideal clientele.


You are leaving tons of money on the table because you don’t know how to set up joint venture agreements with industry partners and resources.


You haven’t been getting Rebates, Commissions, Comps and Points that you could potentially get with airlines, hotels and restaurants because you don’t really understand how they work and if you qualify.


You are still paying retail for event decor because you don’t know how to qualify and get wholesale pricing (which can generate a substantial revenue stream!)


You feel slightly guilty and unprepared because all of your experience has been as a volunteer or producing events because it’s your job.


You lack the confidence to really launch yourself as a business because of the fear of failing, not wanting to hear your family and friends say your business won’t last. Or, even worse, the self doubt you have in yourself because of your past failures.

Ignore all of the noise and declare with me that Play time is over! It’s now Pay time!

join me in
My 6 Week Action Plan

and you’ll:

Transform your thoughts from thinking like a loser and thinking like a winner

Build your business like a boss so you can build multiple revenue streams from your clients and events.

Attract your ideal clients so you can charge more and get paid well!

Develop your negotiating skills by knowing what to ask so you can build the business you are destined to have!

Market your business and yourself as a brand so you stand out as a leader in the industry and get speaking engagements and bookings!

Leverage your relationships and network like the pro you are and expand your reach

Event Accolades

Robin M. Ware has been a great influencer in helping me shift to the next level. From her P3 Retreat to being a one of her Success Suite students, the tools and principles she has shared are priceless and have been essential to my recent success. Robin M. Ware has proven that every coach needs a coach, and that you must invest in your brand. She will always be my Success Mom and Coach!

Darnell E. Nolin, Coach of Creators & Blogger

My life will never be the same after connecting with Robin at her inaugural P3 retreat. Her unselfish outpouring of time, direction, wisdom, knowledge, and and sincerity for helping each of us reach our destiny was overwhelming. Her innate gift to bring out the best in us make her a rare gem in this world. My direction, purpose, and destiny are clear from my experience at P3. For that reason along with many others, I’m forever grateful to have Robin as my coach and “mother”.

Melanie Ivey

With Robin M. Ware as my business & leadership coach, I have extensively changed my thinking. Not only did Robin assist me in identifying stumbling blocks that were preventing me from moving forward; but she provided tools that made a difference in this forward movement. She has revolutionized my thinking as well as my actions. One of the things that I admire the most about Robin is her unselfish spirit. Robin’s mentoring continues to make me better as a leader, a entrepreneur, on my full time job and in my personal life. I will always look at my experience with Robin as transformational.

Sloina Smith

P3 was LIFE CHANGING! I did go in with that expectation knowing what I already know of you as a coach but still was overtaken by the wisdom that was given to us by everyone on staff. It was nothing less than excellence. Unlike most of the attendees, I had nothing to work with which was a little intimidating but I knew I was in the right hands to seriously go from hobbyist to entrepreneur. Every area that I’ve been struggling in was hit at P3 and I’m better equipped to move forward with gust. Even my confessions are becoming not only words but they are rolling off my tongue as my truth.

When I was first invited to your scopes I knew God was taking away any excuses I’ve been holding on to and was forcing me to streamline but I was still stuck in perfection. I needed that live, in person encounter at P3 to really wake me up. It’s still a process but as I’ve spent more and more time gleaning from you, things don’t seem nearly as difficult as I was making it out to be. FIX IT TRACIE AND JUST DO IT! I’ve been my own setback for a while but P3 was my saving grace. There is absolutely no excuse for me not to produce in 2016.

I’m a mushy person but not the best at expressing my gratitude to others in person but I’ll talk about you all day to God lol. BUT I guess all that’s about to change with all the writings and postings and speaking and all the things I now know I am called to in my life!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being obedient to the voice of God. You were what I not only prayed for but really needed in my life to not waste another moment of my calling. I’m so honored and blessed to be a part of this journey not only for myself but for you and my new entrepreneurial family and I look on with excitement to what God will bring for everyone in 2016!

Tracie Alexander

Week One
#BBB – Business Building Boss

learn how to be a boss when it comes to launching and branding your Event Planning business. I’ll teach you how to choose your business name, tag line and how to establish your brand. We’ll also discuss the legal side of your business (incorporation, business bank account and financing).

Week Two
The Niche and the Pitch

Event Planners are needed in various industries including corporate, faith based, non profits, medical, associations and social groups to name a few which are called niches. Learn how you can select the best niche for your skill set so that you are sure to pitch your services to the right audience.

Week Three
Marketing Mastery

Now that you’re all set up, we’ll put together your own marketing strategy for the next 90 days! That’s 3 months of clear direction and marketing consistency that will take your marketing plan to the next level so you can stop being a best kept secret.

Week Four
Wealth Wisdom

I love being able to live my ideal life because of the income I make and you can too! Learn how to set your rates and ask for what you’re worth! Let me remove the fear, self doubt and inability to ask for the big bucks. I’ll show you how I set my rates and the formula you should follow to set yours. You’ll also learn what app’s and programs to use to get paid and send invoices.

Week Five
Industry Insider Bonuses

I love getting invited to attend and even speak at industry events. Learn what organizations and opportunities exist for training, speaking engagements and networking that often includes free travel and other perks and bonuses that will blow your mind!

Week Six

Continuing to build and grow your business is best built on networking! Learn how to always have your networking light turned on. I’ll provide the winning strategies I use to book clients, and request referrals. I’ll also share how you can leverage relationships and build income streams that produces additional revenue!

Fast Action Bonuses:

We’ll work with you one-on-one to complete the paperwork to set up your business incorporation so you can have a business bank account.

You’ll get access to a full training on marketing your events on Instagram – $97. This 2 video series will allow you to instantly offer this service to your clients and create an additional revenue stream

Gain full access to my Facebook group of event planners of over 150 members!

About Robin

I’m Robin Ware and I’ve been planning events and conferences for 20+ years! As a love of hospitality, my career began immediately upon graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional Management. My career highlights include:

  • Marriott Hotels and Resorts in Sales for 10 years (here I am in a pic with THE Mr. Bill Marriott)
  • Director of Special Events (see my award for Director of the Year!)
  • Director of Events and Conferences at New Birth Church (25,000+ members)
  • Director of Events and Pastoral Affairs (Triumph Church, 30,000+ members)

I launched The Ware Agency which provides Events, Marketing and Hospitality services to churches and entrepreneurs in 2003. I also travel and speak and have been featured in magazines, blogs and articles. I’ve been on the team planning or created and executed marketing and hospitality for:

  • The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
  • The Gospel Heritage Foundation
  • Gospel Today Magazine
  • The Gospel Music Channel (now UPTV)
  • The Intercessory Prayer Conference
  • Verizon How Sweet the Sound Gospel Choir Competition
  • The House of Hope Atlanta
  • Collinson Media – Rejuvenate Marketplace
  • RCMA – Religious Conference Managers Association

I’ve been blessed to be honored by:

  • 2015 Inspirational Writer for digital magazine
  • 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Kingdom Awards
  • 2014 Vision Award Winner – Gospel Heritage Foundation
  • 2013 Women Who WIN Conference as the Media Winner

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